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Wolf Heating LTD specialise in the installation, service and maintenance of gas boilers and central heating systems.

Using the latest Eco-friendly boilers and Wifi enabled smart thermostats and controllers we aim to make your home heating as efficent and cost saving as possible.

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Save Money on your Gas bills

Installing a new gas boiler can reduce your heating bills by up to 50%

Using the latest Eco-friendly boilers and learning thermostats Wolf Heating & Plumbing can help you increase efficiency and decrease your bills.

We can help you decide which boiler type suits your home the best and will offer the greatest efficiency.

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“Andy Bell was the only heating engineer in the North West to answer his mobile on Boxing Day. Exceptionally enthusiastic and committed to a first time fix – with thanks for warming the Mitchell family Christmas 2010”.
Mark and Anita Mitchell, January 2015

Information and boiler types



  • Get limitless hot water on demand.
  • No need for a cold water tank or hot water cylinder.
  • Ideal for smaller houses and apartments.


  • Can deliver hot water to multiple taps at once.
  • Includes a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder.
  • Ideal for larger homes with more than one bathroom.


  • Similar to a conventional boiler.
  • Many key components are built into the boiler unit.
  • Ideal for larger homes looking to save space.

Bulk tank LPG for home is versatile, convenient and kinder to the environment than oil, electricity & coal.



Combine with a baxi Eco-Gen domestic micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) appliance and WiFi intergrated thermostat and acheive upto 90% efficiency in your home.

Wolf Heating and Plumbing specialise in Eco-friendly boiler installations, Service and maintenance. We are Baxi Approved installers operating in the north west area.

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We are fully qualified to install, service & maintain Boats with LPG (butane and propane).



need to make your caravan Gas Safe ? Give us a call and we will get straight back to you.

Motor Homes

Wolf-Heating-Motorhome-LPG (1)

For peace of mind – knowing the gas system in your motorhome is safe is essential. Contact us for information.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technology information pack – (click to view)

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